Kintsugi Life:  What's in a Name?

Kintsugi Art: The Broken Bowl Project

Kintsugi Art

Artist:  Brain Olshen

Etsy - The Broken Bowl Project

Kintsugi:  Why did you name your company Kintsugi Life and Not Toyota or Mitsubishi?

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that uses golden joinery, (golden glue) to repair broken vessels, e.g. pottery.  

Kintsugi became an inspiration to me and thus, my company's name.  Why?  Simply because the name is symbolic of who we are as people.  We are not one dimensional creatures simply focusing on our personal lives or our careers.  There are many facets of life that contribute to our completeness and we often get stressed when those pieces get out of balance.

That's understandable.  

I help businesses and individuals focus on 3 key areas of their lives and better understand how to join them all together:




Is your Health, Life and Work a thriving eco-system?

Does your employer support thriving eco-systems?

As an employee, are you contributing to that thriving eco-system?

If not, you should tap into your CoNative Drive!

And for that matter, so should your organization!

As as consultant, I'll help you understand the complexities of balancing health, life and work and the science backed strategies for achieving better outcomes.   I'll help you align employees to jobs and increase performance, productivity, engagement and ultimately your bottom line.  As a coach, I'll lead you to your own  insight and strategies (aka:  your personal golden glue). 

Want a happier, more engaged workplace? 

 Need to set individual goals and become more productive?  

Want to be the healthiest version of yourself?


Get Connected & Get Results.

Discover your CoNative Drive!

P.S.  If we can say Toyota and Mitsubishi then I'm certain we can learn to say Kintsugi too! ðŸ˜‰

  Coach K @ Kintsugi Life

Kimberly Sheldahl, (aka: Coach K)
Certified, Integrative Health Coach, 
SaaS Professional

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine
​CoNative Coach
​ American Institute of Health Care Professionals

​Degrees in Psychology and Clinical Lab Science
​Bio-Hacking the Brain, Coursera [Emory University]
​Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance - Monash 
​Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

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