What's in a Name?


   Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that uses golden glue to repair broken vessels. The result? 

 A unique work of art.

Kintsugi  became the inspiration for my company's name.  

Do you feel like you're made of many pieces and those pieces are often scattered?

And the important parts don't get the right attention?

And there's not enough time or energy for you to build your work of art?

If so,


It's time to focus.

On what's important.

And pick up the right pieces.

Use the golden glue.

And start prioritizing what's important.

You and your important work.

Your important goals.

Your important personal priorities.

It's time to stop thinking you can't.

Or you're too busy.

You're already accomplished.

And to get the results you need you need to narrow your focus....

to 20% of what you do.

20% of your effort will get 80% of your outcome.

Let's find those pieces


Glue them together.

That's your unique work of art.


It's so practical.


Practical Priority Coaching - I help professional women stop running like a hamster on a wheel.  Instead they ditch that chaos and learn to focus on priorities that  get important work and personal goals done.

Are you a professional woman who wants to ditch your chaos and focus on your priorities?

If so, you know who to call.

Kintsugi Art Bowl

Kimberly Sheldahl
Prioritize your Potential, Practical Priorities

Trained under Positive Intelligence, PQ
​Former Full Focus Planner, Certified Pro, Michael Hyatt

Current Certified Integrative Health Coach -

Duke Integrative Medicine

​Kolbe Certified™ affiliate specializing in individual productivity, and much more!  Kolbe™ based assessments are both reliable and validated science.  Understanding your M.O. is the beginning of maximizing your greatness!

​Conative Coaching - specializing in the art of optimization.  The art of optimization is based off learning, understanding and implementing your natural way of solving problems and applying that knowledge to your work and life.  

Our conative minds drive our will and volition to solve problems and get things done.  I help you and your business prioritize your "to do" and align it with your instinctive abilities.

​My Book, "Hack into OZ and Get the M.O.st Out of Life" - a fun read to help you understand the well-being and modus operandi intersection.

​Degrees in Psychology and Clinical Lab Science

​Bio-Hacking the Brain, Coursera [Emory University]
​Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance - 
​[Monash University]
​Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor


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