What's in a Name?


   Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that uses golden glue to repair broken vessels. The result? 

 A unique work of art.

Kintsugi  art became the inspiration for my company's name.  

Kintsugi is symbolic of who we are as people and how we operate in business.


We are not one dimensional creatures who focus solely on our work. There are many facets of life that contribute to our completeness, our sense of well-being, and  that well-being is the fuel that helps run the engine we call ourselves.

Is your tank running low?

Do you maintain your engine?

What motivates you in life?

What motivates you at work?

People must be motivated and exert effort in order to achieve  goals . 

Effort requires an expenditure of energy.

How do you prioritize?  

Where do you put your energy?

What problems are you solving?

How do you go about solving those problems?

Do you run out of steam?

Feel exhausted?



I help businesses focus on 3 components vital to your business:  




How:  I help you predict performance outcomes using science backed assessments with proven results.

Talent Optimization:  We align the right people to the right processes, optimize their strengths

and help you realize your business goals and profits.

The Customer Experience:  

Customer Centricity:  Designing and aligning talent pays back big dividends.  

Customer centricity is the # 1 focus in business.

Customer centricity outweighs other priorities, including products and services. 

Customer centric initiatives yield a 6 X return.

The Connection:   Build Loyal Customers.  Retain  Existing Customers.  Excite New Customers

Your people need fueling and re-fueling.

Your people are your Talent.

Optimize that Talent.

The Outcome: Your People Talent create a Customer Centric Organization.

 A customer centric organization is built on a continuum of customer touchpoints transparent throughout the organization.

Customer Centric Organizations reap the financial rewards.

Your customers reap benefits.


Align using Kolbe A ™-  align employees with the right jobs, increase performance, productivity & engagement

Optimize  using  Activate Your A ™ -  optimize the workplace with  insights and strategies, the golden glue, that 

binds your business into a cohesive unit,  custom designed to be its  own unique work of art.

Kimberly Sheldahl
Align and optimize your talent.   
Design your customer centric organizations.

Kolbe Certified™ Consultant specializing in individual productivity, team building and much more!  Kolbe™ based assessments are both reliable and validated science.  Understanding your M.O. is the beginning of maximizing your greatness!

Certified Integrative Health Coach -
Duke Integrative Medicine

​Conative Coach - specializing in the art of optimization.  The art of optimization is based off learning, understanding and implementing your natural way of solving problems and applying that knowledge to your work and life.  

Our conative minds drive our will and volition to solve problems and get things done.  I help you and your business prioritize your "to do" and align it with your instinctive abilities.

​My Book, "Hack into OZ and Get the M.O.st Out of Life" - a fun read to help you understand the well-being and modus operandi intersection.

​Degrees in Psychology and Clinical Lab Science

​Bio-Hacking the Brain, Coursera [Emory University]
​Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance - 
​[Monash University]
​Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor


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