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into OZ is the treasure that's hidden between the lines of Frank Baum's masterpiece, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but I've HACKED inside. 


The secret is out!  


Revisit Oz with me.  The characters are familiar, but they take you on a journey you’ve never been on before.


The Scarecrow talks without a brain.  A Tinman cries without a heart and the Lion leads rescue attempts without courage. What did Baum mean? 


People claim Frank Baum wrote a political satire, but his cryptic message was much more meaningful.  How can you be twice as productive and still make time for wellness? How can you maximize efficiency without depleting energy? Discover your M.O. and determine your goals with the Congruent Transformation.™  It is the best of all life hacks!


This twister is not an ordinary cyclone.  We leave Kansas behind and land in a place where truth transforms you.  Click your heels three times and turn your wishes into reality!  But this time, you won’t say,

 “There’s no place like home."  The code words are: 

 "Unlock HACK into OZ and Get the Out of Life!" 


 Insightful & Interesting

Throughout the book the author, Kimberly, talks about great ways in which you can transform and in general become a better version of yourself (through topics such as the conative mind, MO, etc.). This inspired me a lot, and after reading this book I feel ready to self-improve and become more healthy, mindful, and productive! What sets this book apart from other books is that she ties in scenes and references from the Wizard of Oz (personally one of my favorite movies) in ways one might not have thought about, opening your eyes to different perspectives and giving the book itself an interesting twist. Great book, great price!

_ S. Daniels

A Gem of a Self-Help Book

"Hack into OZ and the the Most Out of Life" by Kimberly Sheldahl is a gem of a self-help book.  Told in first person in a friendly way, this book shows the allegory of a cherished childhood story in our modern culture and brings it back to life.  It includes deeper meanings for adults who grew up signing along with Judy Garland, and for those of us whose children or grandchildren still dress up as the characters for Halloween. 

The author is personable yet knowledgeable.  The information, lessons, and inner insight the book provokes are valuable.

The author takes us on a delightful journey through self-help in a fun way, inviting the reader to look at Frank L. Baum's book "The Wonderful World of OZ" and the corresponding movie, and rethink it into a way we can transform our own lives. 

Chapter one delves into the premise of “The Wonderful World of OZ,” identifying Dorothy’s struggles in Kansas and her desire to find a new life. The wicked Ms. Gulch overpowering her, her dream of a world “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and her general dissatisfaction with the status quo have forced Dorothy into a state of despair. Then comes a twister! The author relates all of these to real feelings in our own lives, and personal struggles we face when impacted by trouble we can’t ignore yet do not know how to deal with properly. Escape seems to be the only answer, to Dorothy and to us.

The next chapters beseech the reader to consider questions and answers to pave the way for a healthier lifestyle, including a mind-body balance with nutrition, self-care, and coping skills.

This provided a truly delightful reading experience different from any other self-help book I have ever read.

_ J. Lucci

A Must Read

Kim’s energetic and optimism with her passion for life is met with full commitment and heart in her book.
HACK INTO OZ is a fun and informative read while you’re on your path to wellness and productivity. I loved it!
_ D. Therrell


Very enlightening and offered a number of resources to use for further research.

_ K. Eiting