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            Unlock you potential by tapping into your natural strengths.


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    Kolbe Solutions

    Kolbe's™ Solutions are backed by reliable and validated science.   Kathy Kolbe has spent over 3 decades building success teams.  Tap into Kolbe™ Solutions and achieve your business goals!

    RightFit Hring

    Kolbe RightFit™ helps your hire the RIGHT person for the job matching ideal candidates to the critical positions that help your company succeed. 

    Team Success

    Find out what's "Right About You" and your TEAM!  True synergy comes from balance.  If a team tilts too much in one direction they can find themselves at a stand still.  Understanding your teams' Kolbe A ™   helps you achieve team balance.  You stop talking about getting things done and actually start reaching your goals.  And while you are reaching and achieving those goals you gain an appreciation for each person's team contribution.  

    Individuals & Groups - Activate Your "A" in 2020.  Learn about your Modus Operandi and STOP depleting your mental energy.  Each of you have a unique M.O.  It's your way of getting things done!

    Introductory Offer:  $70 for Kolbe A and FREE coaching to first 15 clients!  This includes your "Activate Your A" guidebook!



    Would you like to increase employee engagement by aligning people to a job they love?  Do you have concerns about employee retention?  Are you ready to figure out your M.O. and the M.O.'s of your employees?  Do you want to maximize the 100 mental ergs each employee shows up with daily?  Would you like to increase productivity and achieve goals without a constant tug of war?  



                                                                                        Let's Team Up!

                                                                    Align the right people with the right jobs!                         

                       Help employees understand that they need to show up to work as their best self!

                                                                      Turn productivity into a powerhouse!

               Get control of your employee engagement and retention  stats by building truly synergistic teams. 

                              Kolbe RightFit ™  and Team Success™  is the game changer for 2020 objectives.    

    Use Kolbe , Kolbe B Assessments to make certain your job descriptions and employee expectations match.  Often employers "think" they have defined what they need or want from an employee but truthfully the job scope is very different than the description.  It's time to get on the same page.  Many companies use the Kolbe A and B Assessments during their annual reviews.  It's so much easier to establish realistic goals when you actually fully understand one another.


 Unlock your natural instincts and start solving problems naturally.                                        
Discover YOUR Modus Operandi using the
Kolbe A™ Index 
​Kolbe™ is validated and reliably backed science.

            Conative Consultations - It's all about applying your M.O. 
​                         Activate your A™

​                       Talent Acquisition 
​                       RightFit™ Hiring

​Team Productivity Assessments and Facilitation 
​                    Team Success

​             Well-Being Coaching:  
 Well-being and productivity run in a parallel universe.  Get aligned!
​        Congruent Transformation™

​ Kintsugi Life  Online Academy 
 For individuals and companies - *company discounts apply  

​ Boom Baby Boom - COMING SOON....
​ New T.V. show  on Transformation T.V.  
Podcast available on Stitcher, iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts!      

Kolbe.com Products for Results!
Kolbe.com Products
Member: American Institute of Stress

                                                                  Trained/Certified:  Duke Integrative Medicine

Certified Consultant, Kolbe Corp


                                                        Medium                                                                                                                       Linked In

Thank you for visiting my website!  I appreciate you stopping by.  Please  don't be shy.  Reach out via email, contact or send a message via bot.  If you want to 'get to know me a little better", let me suggest two different ways.  You can schedule a discovery call.  Discovery calls allow for Q/A and  they are free.  The purpose is for you to determine if my services are a right fit for you or your organization. 


Let's Get Things Done!,

Kim @ Kintsugi Life

Kimberly Sheldahl, Certified Executive Consultant, Kolbe™ Corp.

Certified Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine

Benefits of Working with Me:

I  specialize in impacting your bottom line by helping your hire the right person for the right job.  And once they are hired, let's maximize their natural problem solving talents because for the first time you'll know what they are. 
Kolbe™ Indexes provide insight into how you and your employees thrive. Align skills to natural abilities and soar.  Employees who aren't productive aren't yielding desired results.  Employees who aren't properly aligned aren't engaged and you lose money and talent. 

 I work with you to address productivity by tapping into a scientifically proven method for determining employees innate way of getting things done .   I  couple that with helping them understand true well-being.  Well-being is  is much more than not getting sick.  

What does employee well-being  do for you?  Happier employees perform better especially when they are appropriately aligned in jobs that match their striving zones.  

Ask yourself why  productivity and retention is such  a  big problem? 

​Do you want employees who:

​ - Strive
​- Place effort into tasks because they are naturally good at them
​- Solve problems creatively
​- Channel mental energy into their goals & your goals
​- Keep their tanks full because their drive and instincts are the catalyst for action. When properly aligned, person to tasks,  people don't get bored.  They stay engaged!  The results?  A successful company with fulfilled, engaged employees.  

​ Invest today and take advantage of yielding your high return!

​Kim @ Kintsugi Life
​My M.O. = 8652
​What's your M.O.?

​                                         Get Connected & Get Results!

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Invest in your employees.  It pays off!

Focused workshops, online courses, app solutions & more.

Real Science & E.Learning
On-Site Workshops
Feedback and Metrics
Real Science & E.Learning

Learn at your leisure with the ease of E-Courses.  Designed to be interactive and engaging.  Coaching is available to help employees as they navigate through the material and implement their strategies.

On-Site Workshops

You decide what's right for your organization.  The workshops are a' la carte and build one upon the other.  You may also wish to design a hybrid program, part on-site/ in-person and part on-line.  

Feedback and Metrics

It's important to know that you are investing wisely.  We will build a metric report that tells you what you need to know.  Did you invest in the Kolbe Indexes to see improvement in any of the following:  

 Increased Productivity, Engagement, Less Stress, Improved Communication, Better Outcomes?

If so, let's map out a plan to keep us on track, so you stay on track!

American Institute of Stress

Forbes American Productivity Audit