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Overcoming Obstacles
Stress Awareness
Habits to Happiness
Overcoming Obstacles

Coming Soon!  A Kintsugi Life Course:

Overcoming Obstacles:  Build GRIT, Resilience & Mental Toughness

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Don't Know How to Overcome Obstacles?

Overcoming Obstacles:  A Story about Life's Traffic Jams!

Stress Awareness

What's a Blog-ieo?

We are all so busy and often I come across great articles and blogs.  I simply don't have the time to read them all.  So, when I thought about engaging with my clients, I wanted to offer a quick and easy way for you to learn more about stress and the best strategies for keeping it at bay.  That's when a Blog-ieo popped into mind.  Part blog, part video, but quick and easy for you!  If you like explainer videos and 3 minutes or so of learning, then this Blog-ieo might just be for you!

Remember, some stress is good for us.  It keeps us going and helps us with performance.  That's why it's called Performance Stress.  That's the sweet spot, and I want to help you keep that balance!

Stress Awareness is the FIRST Blog-ieo.  Trigger Points will be posted next week.  

You can find my full blogs here:

Coffee with Kim:  https://coffeewithkim.postach.io/post/coffee-with-kim

Kim @ Kintsugilife.biz - https://kimberlysheldahl.postach.io/

Kim Sheldahl, Stress Management Consultant, Integrative Health Coach


Strategies:  What's inside your box?

I'll share tried and true stress relieving and stress managing techniques & processes.  You already know many of them, e..g. exercise and proper sleep.  The problem is the vast difference between knowing something and taking action.  One is head knowledge but the actual execution  is what reaps the rewards.  

We will discuss how you can become more successful than you may have been in the past.  After all a discipline is just that.  Change requires discipline.

That's where coaching comes in.....  Stay tuned & Get the Scoop!

Kimberly Sheldahl, Stress Management Consultant, Integrative Health Coach

Habits to Happiness

Habits to Happiness

Coming Soon:

An e-course, entitled "Habits to Happiness."  There is so much research associated with Happiness and our brains!  And yes, there are real predictors on the impact that Happiness has in your organization and business! Want to know a few:

                                                                           Raise Happiness & Expect:
                          31% Increase in Productivity - scientifically proven!  
                   37% Better at Sales - yes, that's scientifically proven too!

                                       Kim Sheldahl, Certified, Integrative Health Coach - aka:  Coach K

Don't Know How to Overcome Obstacles?  
​Find the Good, Breath & Know there will be Silver Linings....

We can get so caught up in thought. We daydream. We revisit past transgressions. We plan for our future. We are not maximizing this moment, instead we are sabotaging this moment. Our thoughts become obstacles.  Obstacles to our success and obstacles to our happiness.

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Overcoming Obstacles:                            A Story about Life's Traffic Jams

I don’t usually sit at my computer allowing my mind to dictate keystrokes into the words that become a story about us. Today is different because I was inspired by another writer.  I recently read “How to Become and Overnight Success”, My five-year journey from “nobody” to “somebody”, written by Ayodeji Awosika.

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Stress Awareness

Let's begin our discussion by talking about various sources of stress. Many things impact us, from traffic jams to the weather.  How do you react when caught in the traffic jams of life?

The Quest for New Habits

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In life we travel down many roads. Some we choose, while others are forced upon us. Often we are so familiar with our routes that we forget we have options, alternate routes, different paths.

Decision Trees:  A Strategy for Excellence

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The decisions that we make obviously lead to outcomes. Some are good, while others are not so good.

Trigger, Points:  Ready, Aim, Tackle

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When you think back on your week, were you more aware of your stress triggers?  Take a moment to gage your success.   I've also provided a few thought provoking prompts in the full blog:

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