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  • What's Your M.O.?  Find Out with Kolbe A Products
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    Kolbe A™

    Sample Kolbe A™ Result

    The Kolbe A Results reports in 4 Key Modes:

    Fact Finder

    Follow Thru

    Quick Start


    When we problem solve, we initiate action in one primary mode.  In this case, this person initiates action in Fact Finder Mode.  It's also important to note that they co-act in Quick Start.  That means although Quick Start is their secondary way of solving problems they must co-act in this mode.  It's just the way they naturally solve problems!

    Get Your Kolbe A™ Index today and learn how you solve problems! Products
    Kolbe B™

    Kolbe B™ Results

    These are my Kolbe B™ Results which differ from Kolbe A™.  

    The Kolbe A™ Results indicate how you solve problems.

    The Kolbe B™  Results indicate your Conative requirements for the position that you hold.  Kolbe B is "your" assessment.

    When there's a big difference in your natural way of solving problems, Kolbe A™ , as compared to your Kolbe B ™you may encounter Conative Strain.  

    In this case, I would compare my Kolbe A , 8652 to my 7382.  In this case, I may experience a level of strain because I may feel as if I need to initiate in Quick Start more often than my natural M.O.  

    Strain, as defined by Kathy Kolbe (the founder of these Indexes), results in Conative Stress when a person's unrealistic self-expectations of how he or she needs to perform doesn't align to their M.O. (Kolbe A 

    Kolbe C™

    Kolbe C™ Results

    The Kolbe C measures expectation of a specific job.  Those expectations are assessed from your reporting manager's point of view.  Compare your Kolbe A™ Index to the Kolbe C™ and it will uncover how the job holder's strengths best align with the job.  

    Many companies incorporate a Kolbe A™ and Kolbe C™ Assessment during year end reviews.  Responsibilities shift and the dynamics of a changing workforce can place additional demands on the company and the employees.  Make sure you stay aligned!  

         KOLBE A™ Index - Learn How You Innately Solve Problems

    Kolbe Solutions
    RightFit Hring
    Team Success
    Kolbe Solutions

    Kolbe's™ Solutions are backed by reliable and validated science.   Kathy Kolbe has spent over 3 decades building success teams.  Tap into Kolbe™ Solutions and achieve your business goals!

    RightFit Hring

    Kolbe RightFit™ helps your hire the RIGHT person for the job matching ideal candidates to the critical positions that help your company succeed. 

    Team Success

    Find out what's "Right About You" and your TEAM!  True synergy comes from balance.  If a team tilts too much in one direction they can find themselves at a stand still.  Understanding your teams' Kolbe A ™   helps you achieve team balance.  You stop talking about getting things done and actually start reaching your goals.  And while you are reaching and achieving those goals you gain an appreciation for each person's team contribution.  

    Individuals & Groups - Activate Your "A" in 2021.  Learn about your Modus Operandi and STOP depleting your mental energy.  Each of you have a unique M.O.  It's your way of getting things done!

                          Introductory Offer:  $149 for Kolbe A™ and your FREE M.O. interpretation! 


    Companies:  Align & Optimize

    Start with your current resources!

    Increase employee engagement & retention by aligning people to a job they love.  


    Step 1:  Kolbe A™ - each employee's Modus Operandi - their innate way of problem solving

    Step 2:  Alignment

                 - Evaluate:     Review job descriptions and  manager's expectations to employees' M.O.s

                 - Identify:       Strain, tension, synergy or lack thereof & missing methods between people &


                 - Strategize:   Conduct insight sessions (PDSAs) and realign people and

                                       teams to certain jobs & tasks, all while you continue to conduct day to day 


    Step 3:  Optimize -     Review progress, tweak with 5 W's & an H

                 - What:          Additional changes need to be made or planned for?

                 - When:         Is it feasible to make those changes?

                 - Where:        Are you still having the most negative impacts? Strain, tension, lack of synergy

                                      or missing methods?

                 - Who:          Should we focus on first?  Often a high stakes leader or employee.

                 - Why:          Would we make these changes?  What's the expected outcome/benefits/ROI?

                 - How:          What's the most feasible plan of action.  What's the least disruptive to workflow?

                                                             People drive processes.

                                                               People drive profits.

                                                        Let's get the people part right.


     Align the right people with the right jobs!  Help employees understand that they when they show up to work as their best self, they turn  into a productivity powerhouse!

                   Kolbe RightFit ™  and Team Success™  is the game changer for 2021 objectives.    

      Kolbe A ™ - Measures M.O. (modus operandi). One's M.O. is the instinctive way that a person solves

      problems.  Activate innate strengths that make you and others productive within your striving zone.

      Kolbe - Activate Your A ™ -  Knowledge & execution are 2 different things.  We can know our Kolbe A

       result (M.O.) and not optimize it.  Activating your A helps put your innate strengths to work for you.

      Kolbe B  - Measures an individual's perception of their own job.  Compare A to B to uncover when 

      individuals are trying to perform outside their natural strengths.

      Kolbe C ™ - Measures the functional expectations of a position. An A to C comparison helps super-

      visors and employees understand where natural strengths align to the demands of the job and the

      expectations of the supervisor.


                      Activate Your A

Put your M.O. (modus operandi) to good use.

STOP depleting mental energy.

Your unique way of solving problems is defined by your M.O. and that is your Conative Strengths!  

Those strengths help you achieve your goals!

Backed by 4 decades of science.  

      Reliable and validated.

  ACTIVATE YOUR A TODAY!  2021 is your year!​                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                       Align & Optimize