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Could These Prioritizers be Sabotaging Your Goals?

Priority to Goal Bridge with lady covering her head. To do and done; too much to do.  Entitled The Competing Prioritizer.

The Competing Prioritizer

Priorities compete for your attention.  Everything seems important and you find yourself living in the urgent response box.  Your important priorities always seem to wait for you to get around to them.

Priority to Goal Bridge with restless lady.  Entitled Restless Prioritizer

The Restless Prioritizer

You start directed your intention and action on a few priorities.  You make headway on your goals.  Then something else catches your eye.  It seems interesting and the cycle repeats itself.

Priority Bridge to Goals with ladies; one trying to please, the other very demanding.  Entitled The Pleaser Prioritizer.

  The Pleaser Prioritizer

You are available to everyone and always put yourself second, third and fourth on your list.  You've never mastered the art of putting on your oxygen mask first so you can be of best service to others.

The Perfectionistic Prioritizer

You are great at prioritizing, but it comes at a cost.  Everything has to be perfect or nearly perfect, and that's not possible.  It's so hard to accept "good is good enough." Accepting that 20% of your effort will get 80% of your outcome is something you've never been able to accept. 

The Procrastinating Prioritizer

You procrastinate, put off today what can be done tomorrow and the next day.  Underneath it all you are usually afraid of succeeding or failing, so you simply don't start.  Sometimes, the goal seems so big and smaller steps to a bigger goal sounds like planning to you.

Priority Bridge to Goals with lady covering her eyes with sticky notes.  Everything covered with notes.  Avoiding doing anything.  Entitled The Avoiding Prioritizer.

The Avoiding Prioritizer

Similar to the Procrastinating Prioritizer, the Avoider Prioritizer avoids taking action on their priorities, typically to skirt an unpleasant emotion.   Could be emotions like worry, anxiety or panic associated with started something new, like goals that make you stretch.  

Priorities over Bridge to Goals, Yellow background under bridge with pen and calculator to calculate the cost.

What's the Cost?

Your priorities serve your most important goals.  Your goals get you where you are going.  Without them, you continue to live in the "Intention to Action Gap" space.

The Gap is a phrase coined by science. It's also called the Intention Action Gap or Intention Behavior Gap.  

The Gap exists because most people have good intention to take action on the tasks that will serve their goals, but sadly, their intentions and actions don't line up.

Instead their intentions fall in the Gap and the "Other Prioritizers" you read about take charge.  They often:

Procrastinate, or opt to be overly perfectionistic. Others avoid getting started or do everything for everyone else.  

Still others start honoring their priorities, but that process is short lived because they move on to the "next thing."

Goals.... Never Completed....

Goals.... Living In the Gap....

Intention Action Gap

Discover your Saboteurs & understand your Multiple Intelligences.

The more you know, the better you fill the 

Intention to Action Gap!

Priority to Goal Bridge with What's your Story under the Bridge.  Yellow typewriters to the left and right of the bridge.

Next Evaluate a Past Goal by "Flipping the Script"

Past Goal - Evaluate a past goal & flip the script. 

See how your M.I. and P.Q . may have played a role.   

Is it possible your M.I. helped you achieve?  

If so, "flip it", what could you have done better?

Is it possible your Saboteurs contributed to the failure?

Was it a self-sabotage?

If so, "flip it," was there a gift or opportunity?

What did you do great when you failed?

Want to give it a try?  This is what it's like....

Grab yours here!

Intention Action Gap, Ripped paper causing gap with Action in the center and Practical Priorities Logo in center. Intention on the left and Gap on the right.
Bridge the Gap with Your Action!

Intention Action Gap, yellow and white.  Lady blacked or gapped out.  Don't get lost in the gap.  Figure out your Saboteur and M.I.

"I haven't always mastered priorities.  In fact, there was a time when priorities mostly mastered me. I think it's common to fall into the trap and become one of the Prioritizers that I describe. Often we become more than one.  We fail to do what's most important because everything becomes important.  We lose focus."

​I use to live and work in what I call the "urgent response box."  I was the Director of a Clinical/Technical team for a medical device company, so, in part it went with the territory.  

You learn to live with a sense of urgency, responding that way all the time.

​But, then.... I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A big wake up call.  I shifted my priorities and trained and certified at Duke as an Integrative Health Coach.  I continued to add certifications.  Passionate about business, I became Kolbe and P.I. (Predictive Index) certified.

​I was building my bridge, but I had not completely made it to the other side.  I needed two major structures to complete the journey to the other side.

​Full Focus Certification - the former Michael Hyatt Performance company and the root foundation of it all, Positive Intelligence.

When I became a Positive Intelligence Coach, I decided to openly share my Saboteurs with others. My top two are the Controller and Stickler.  

Saboteurs are over used or abused which is why they are at the root of our self-sabotage when it come to performance, happiness and well-being.  

You "flip the script" and learn to use the strengths from a Sage perspective, using the right brain.    

​Trust me, if this Controller, Stickler can do it, you can.

​Positive Intelligence gets you to the other side of the Bridge.

​You'll stop continuously falling in the Gap and if you fall, you'll get back up.  I promise.

Come bridge your gap with me!

Priority Bridge to Goals with pic of Kim Sheldahl
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