• Loss in Productivity
    Loss in Productivity
    Add up the Losses....

    Productivity Losses = Revenue Losses
    Stress Impacts Productivity.

    The American Institute of Stress defines the key areas of workplace stress:

    46% - Workload Stress

    28% - People Issues

    20% - Juggling [Work/Life]

    6%    - Lack of Job Security



    What's the cost of your call outs?  


    The number of employees calling in sick has tripled.

    An estimated 1 million people are absent everyday because of stress.

    Unexpected absenteeism is expected to cost $602/employee/year.

    The total price sports one large price tag How much?

    3.5 million dollars LOST annually.



    Presenteeism means employees are at work but not functioning to full capacity.   The reasons are often associated with illness or other medical conditions.  The cost?  An article in the Harvard Business Review states that researchers report individual productivity losses of 1/3 or more

    Forbes also conducted an American Productivity Audit.  This audit was a year long telephone survey interviewing over 29K people.   The results were staggering.  Presenteeism is estimated to cost employers more than 150 billion/year.

    Why do people come to work ill?  Could it be associated with their workload?  Perhaps its linked to the  work/life juggle?  Does working while sick increase workplace stress.  Your answer goes here __________!

    Harvard Business Review:  At Work - But, Out of It  

    Workplace stress impacts your bottom line.  Loss in productivity costs employers billions of dollars  each year.  Absenteeism and Presenteeism are main contributors.  Do you ask yourself the hard question?  Why?  

    Let's team up and:

    Help your employees learn how to better manage the inevitable stress in their jobs.  

    Address your retention issues.

    Evaluate your business processes for improvements that reduce the overall impact of office stress.

    Get control of your stats today before they take control of your business.

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  American Institute of Stress



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Kimberly Sheldahl, Stress Management Consultant, 

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Consulting and Coaching

Kintsugi Life specializes in impacting your bottom line.  How?  Because employees who aren't productive aren't yielding desired results.  We work with you to address productivity by reducing stress and improving work flow processes.    Why is productivity and retention such  a  big problem?  There are likely several factors involved, but stress-related issues are at the top of every companies' list.   Let's equip your team to better handle their demanding jobs and coach them to  live their lives to the fullest.  

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E-Learning and Apps

Learn at your leisure with the ease of E-Courses.  Designed to be interactive and engaging.  Coaching is available to help employees as they navigate through the material and implement their strategies.

On-Site Workshops

You decide what's right for your organization.  The workshops are a' la carte and build one upon the other.  You may also wish to design a hybrid program, part on-site/ in-person and part on-line.  

Feedback and Metrics

It's important to know that you are investing wisely.  We will build a metric report that tells you what you need to know.  Did you invest in the Stress Less Program to see improvement in any of the following:  

Retention, Engagement, Stress Awareness & Stress Management,  or Increased Productivity

If so, let's map out a plan to keep us on track, so you stay on track!

American Institute of Stress

Forbes American Productivity Audit