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"Overcome Obstacles When You Know Your M.O." 
Coach Led Boot Camp
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        Six Sessions to Success 
 Your Focus Area
$699 - 6 Sessions
45 min. sessions
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        6 sessions
 22%  Kintsugi  Life Academy
      Self Led Webinar
"Overcome Obstacles When You Know Your M.O."
Self Led - individual
$125 - 4 self led modules, downloadables, reflections, affirmations and moreNow - $97.50/person
20% Off Facilitator Led - Get  Social! Gather some friends together and review this course.  It's a "Course Club" instead of a book club.  I'll kick off the session via Zoom, pop in during the middle & check on your progress.  Then I'll show up near the end to answer questions and get feedback!  I've also recorded a few sessions throughout the course, so I'll always be with you!  Use Code:  Facilitate"Overcoming Obstacles When You Know Your M.O."
Facilitator Led - group
 $89/personNow - $79/person