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Hats Off to Change. Shift Your Balance of Power with PQ!

Hats Off to Change:  
Shift the Balance of Power with PQ

Change is hard. We've already established that, but when we really want to achieve something, it's worth the effort. Maybe it's going back to grad school later in life or an early retirement career.  Perhaps it's finding time to figure out what you use to do before you were a mom, a professional, a spouse a partner.

You know, the person who wears all those hats!

Over time, you begin to lose sight of what you really want, or you know what you want, but can't find the time to go after it.

Believe it or not, you are encountering a form of self-sabotage.  Our forms of self-sabotage differ, but there is good news. Research has found that at the root of it all, there are 10 negative response factors.

When you learn  to circumvent those factors, you are on your way to positive change.



That's the why - positive change that allows you to fuel your engine and drive your priorities. The priorities that will serve your goals. You know the goals you want to achieve, the vacation, promotion, grad school or retirement career. 

I'm not sure what your goals are - wellness, professional, or business related, but I do know that Positive Intelligence will help you with self-sabotage. 

The cause of the Intention Action Gap. The Intention Action Gap is the space between your intended actions and what actually happens. The behavior you want to take and the behavior you choose to take.

Did you know 92% of the people who set goals fall in The GAP?

I'm on a mission to help.....  Got 5 minutes & 36 seconds?

Learn more about Shifting the Balance of Power by Building Neural Networks and watch the video above.

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