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What is Positive Intelligence?

Learn how to Respond to Life's Challenges with a Positive Mindset.

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The Saboteurs

The Saboteurs

Positive Intelligence conducted a breakthrough 500 K research study using factor analysis.  The study revealed that there are only 10 negative response factors (Saboteurs) and 5 positive response factors (Sage Powers)This means at the root of negative responses there are 10 influencing factors.  Alternately there are 5 positive factors that mitigate the 10 negative response factors, PQ named the Saboteurs.

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Sage Powers

Build 3 Core Mental Muscles

Physical Fitness for the Brain:  Brain rewiring visible in MRI in 8 weeks

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The Judge - Judge of Self, Others & Circumstances
Beat My Judge!

If you'd like to learn more about:

1.  IncreasingEmpathy for yourself and others.

2.  Replacingjudgement of yourself with discernment.

3.  Improving your performance, happiness and well-being.

Then sign up to get the Positive Intelligence Assessment link and start learning more about how to "Beat Your Judge!"

What is Positive Intelligence Quotient or PQ?

The PQ Assessment is an assessment that measures the negative response factors that interferes with your performance, happiness and well-being.  The Saboteur Assessment tells you which negative response factors most often impact you while the quotient factor provides your baseline mental fitness score.  

What can you do about your Saboteurs & How do you improve your Mental Fitness Score?
Join a Mental Fitness Program to Build Your 3 Core Mental Muscles.

​Getting "brain fit" requires a trainer, someone who knows how to help you target your Saboteurs and use PQ reps to build mental muscle.  That persons trains as a PQ coach, and in my case, I'm also trained to help as a Performance/Goal Coach and Integrative Health Coach.

What are PQ Reps?
PQ reps are short exercises you perform to help rewire your brain.  You'll teach yourself to steer clear of your default mode (negative response path).  In doing so, you stage yourself for optimal performance, happiness and well-being.  

​If you've got 15 minutes/day you can start to build those core mental muscles.  

​Build the muscles that will support you across the Bridge to Your Goals!

​What's Next, You Ask?
Join the thousands of others who have benefited from Positive Intelligence.  Register here to receive your link for your 

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Use Mental/Emotional Energy More Effectively

Improve Self Confidence

       Increase Happiness

Improve Ability to Develop Others

Better at Conflict Management

      Manage Stress Better

15 minutes-day of app guided practice enables you to build mental muscle (neural pathways).  Bite-sized exercises fits into any schedule customized based off the way you self-sabotage.

Weekly Focus - a weekly hour long video delivers a deeper dive into each weeks' focus.  This extra boost inspires you to practice during the week to sustain the benefits and continue to grow your mental muscle.

Instant Feedback - You'll feel motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress you're making towards your mental muscle growth.  Brain rewiring may be visible on MRI within 8 weeks.

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Positive Intelligence the cornerstone for prioritizing your potential.

               Invest in your performance, happiness and well-being.

8 week PQ Pod Bootcamp

4 week Priority Prime

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