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Priorities Goal Bridge with Bridge the Gap underneath

Stop the Cycle.  

 Bridge the Gap.    Cue an Intervention.

Our priorities often have us looking north, south, east and west, all at the same time. Honing in on the right direction becomes increasingly more and more difficult to do.


The outcome?


You could get stuck in indecision or find yourself running on the hamster wheel of competing priorities.


Perhaps your symptoms turn into procrastination or avoidance? Maybe you're becoming an expert juggler?


Goals are too big. There are too many tasks. You want to follow your goals and honor your priorities, BUT....you find yourself in some sort of weird cycle. It's a space, but not outer space. You know what it is? It's the Intention Action Gap space. It's a place where 92% of people often find themselves. It happens when your intentions and actions or behavior don't align. Actions don't back intentions, so you wade in the GAP and become a statistic. Priorities are left behind and goals fall by the wayside.

If you've ever fallen in the GAP yet had a goal you were passionate about did you wonder why you kept getting stuck? Why and how could you have great intentions yet your actions do not follow through? The Gap is the place where good intentions go bad, but there are scientific ways to overcome the barrier and bridge the GAP.

You can stop the cycle. Science paves a way and offers a few tips. I'll highlight a few here:

  1. Situational Cues Trigger Situational Concepts. For example, my environment has snacks in it because I'm on vacation and I purchased snacks. I'm cued when I open the pantry by the presence of Doritos and formerly M&Ms. What do I do? I'm triggered by my situational cue. I could just as easily have been triggered by my fruit, but I'm on vacation. You get the picture. I can't rely on my will power and I'm betting you can't either. We are creatures of habits and our brains tend to crave sugar (the processed kind) more than fruit.

  2. Cue an Intervention - When I get home, I'll make fewer excuses about eating less healthy. Seriously, most of the time, I'm good. My intervention. We hardly ever buy Doritos. M&M's - well that's a different story.

  3. If/Then Planning - This is one of my favorite options for goal implementation planning. It's the one that's "Got Your Back." You simply can't expect plans to go as planned. When does that happen? Create a backup plan. If I run out of Doritos I will eat M&M's. If I run out of Doritos and M&M's, I will eat the apples.

  4. Obviously, I'm being silly and I hope silly helps you remember that your environment will set you up for success or failure and cue you to act in a certain way. You may need to cue an intervention and create backup plans.


    And remember, I'm not always on vacation. I rarely eat Doritos and M&M's. Thankfully, cuing a junk food intervention won't be necessary. 

Still Stuck? Solve Problems with Practical Priorities and PQ. 

Start Building the Bridge to Your Goals Whenever You Begin to Innovate

"The key is that we often overburden ourselves with our assumed constraints. And this process gets us to break free long enough to come up with new things. “


__ Shirzad Chamine , NY Times Best Selling Author, Positive Intelligence
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